Community Health Systems Circulator in Poplar Bluff, Missouri


A circulating nurse, or circulator, is a registered nursewhose function is to monitor the procedures in operating rooms during surgery.During operations and other surgical procedures, the circulator assists byacting as an intermediary between the operating room staff and the rest of thehospital. Responsibilities of the circulating nurse include: Ensures thatthe surgical room is sterile and safe for the patient. Works side by side withscrub nurses to help maintain the sterile field in the operating room. Preparesthe patient for the procedure and handles the preparation for the operatingroom before the surgery takes place. Must have a strong attention to detail andphysical stamina to handle long, arduous work hours. Assess the patient s conditionbefore a surgical procedure. Assesses the needs of the patient during theprocedure, to ensure the best outcome. Works with a physician to develop thecare plan for the patient during the surgery. Continues to evaluate thepatient s condition during the procedure and makes changes to the care plan asnecessary. Ensures that the sterile field is not compromised during theprocedure. Keeps the surgical area clean and organized for the scrub nurse andthe physician; removes instruments and sponges as they are used during theprocedure. Additional duties of the circulating nurse may include theresponsibility of supervising surgical technicians, and to transport anyspecimens that require diagnostic testing to the laboratory.


Associates degree and state licensure required. One(1) year of experience required.

Job: Outpatient Surgical Services

Organization: Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center

Location: MO-Poplar Bluff

Requisition ID: 1818037