Community Health Systems Emergency Medical Technician, Commonwealth Health EMS, FT, All Shifts, RWSH in Scranton, Pennsylvania


Respond to non-emergent and emergent calls as an ambulance attendant; performing necessary basic emergency medical care within the scope of their training.

Administer and maintain oxygen therapy on patients whose condition warrants.

Performs emergency basic life support care procedures as directed by his or her Paramedic partner, following at all times the direction of his or her Paramedic partner and any additional Lackawanna Ambulance policies and procedures.

Participates in continuous training programs to ensure the total annual credits required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Regional counsel are met and to improve the employee s self-confidence in skills that coincide with the ever-changing prehospital setting.

Adequately learn and complete any and all Commonwealth Health EMS paperwork, documentation and computer software charting.

Familiarize themselves with the different boroughs, streets and stand-by locations in reference to Lackawanna/Wayne and surrounding county coverage areas and the Commonwealth Health EMS Computer Aided Dispatching system.

Participates in any and all work environment maintenance. Duties such as station upkeep, garbage removal and vehicle cleanliness is mandatory. The Commonwealth Health EMS managerial team prides themselves on appearance and expects each employee to have this same pride.



1. A High School diploma or equivalent (GED)

2. A Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License

3. Current Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Technician certification

  1. Current Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR) certification through the

American Heart Association

5. Current Hazardous Materials Recognition (R&I) certification

(OSHA Requirement)

6. Emergency Vehicle Operator s Course

Job: Ambulance

Organization: Commonwealth Health EMS

Location: PA-Scranton

Requisition ID: 1830939