Community Health Systems Crisis Clinician - Crisis Residential Unit - CCS - 1.0 FT E/W in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


Responsible for immediate assessment, intervention and treatment disposition of individuals in need of emergency psychiatric evaluation and care.



A mental health professional:

1) --{PS..0}A Master s degree in social work, psychology,rehabilitation, activity therapies, counseling, education or related fields and3 years of mental health direct care experience.

2) --{PS..1}A Bachelor s degree in sociology, social work,psychology, gerontology, anthropology, political science, history, criminaljustice, theology, counseling, education or a related field, or be a registered:and 5 years of mental health direct care experience, 2 of which shall includesupervisory experience

3) --{PS..2}A Bachelor s degree in nursing and 3 year of mentalhealth direct care experience.

4) --{PS..3}A registered nurse license, certified in psychology orpsychiatry.

Crisis Clinicians who are notmental health professionals shall be supervised by a mental health professionaland have one of the following:

1) --{PS..4}A Bachelor s degree with major course work insociology, social work, psychology, gerontology, anthropology, politicalscience, history, criminal justice, theology, nursing, counseling, education orrelated field.

2) --{PS..5}A registered nurse.

3) --{PS..6}A high school diploma or equivalency and 3 years ofmental health direct care experience in public or private human services withemployment as a mental health staff person prior to January 1, 1992.

4) --{PS..7}A consumer or a family member who has 1 year ofexperience as an advocate or leader in a consumer or family group and has ahigh school diploma or equivalency.

5) --{PS..8}Staff persons employed by a provider who have 5 years experience as a supervisor of mental health services in mental health agencyprior to January 1, 1992 are exempted from this requirement.

Job: Behavioral Health

Organization: Wilkes Barre Behav Couns

Location: PA-Wilkes Barre

Requisition ID: 1831887